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 Valve Cover Removal

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To remove your valve cover, start by removing the bolts holding the spark plug wire brackets. These bolts (and all others on this page) are 10mm.

Once the brackets are free you can pull out the spark plug wires and push them to the side out of your way.

Remove the breather hose (left) by using pliers to uncrimp the clamp, then wiggle the breather hose off.

Then grab the PCV valve (right) and wiggle until it pops off. Wipe off the valve and the rubber grommit still in the head. Wiggle the grommit out .

The middle arrow shows where some of the paint is pealing due to corrosion.

Once all the bits and pieces have been removed, you can loose the five bolts holding on the valve cover.  

The five bolts are all long. You may need to tap on the valve cover while pulling up on it or on the bolts to free it. Do not try to pry it off by jamming a screw driver between the head and the valve cover.

Don't forget to remove the oil cap (right). You can also see additional paint flacking (bottom).

Once the valve cover is freed, carefully pull it up and slightly toward you to clear the spark plug housings. You can now peruse the complex looking innards that are your valve train.  

From here you can do a few things. Change your valve cover and spark plug gaskets, adjust your valves or paint your valve cover.

If you're going to leave the cover off for a while, you may want to cover up the valve train so random crap doesn't fall into it. I used aluminum foil since the cover is made of aluminum anyway.

Change Gaskets | Paint Cover | Adjust Valves


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