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HP Sucks
Last November I talked about the AT&T/Cingular aircard that I got through work. I liked it because it was small and stuck out of my laptop a mere 1/2" so I could leave it in my laptop when I put it in my bag. Or so I thought. Just after Thanksgiving, the aircard was smashed in my bag and stopped working. Luckily it was free through my company so no money was wasted. Besides, the AT&T card was removed from my company's authorized list.

So I ordered a new aircard, this time from Sprint. I installed it but my computer kept trying to recognize it as a "Real Time Clock," and couldn't find the drivers. I took it to IT support and they had to give me a new (used) shell (the laptop hardware without the hard drive which they just switch over).

The Sprint card successfully worked in the new (used) shell but I discovered several dead pixels. Then when I took it home I realized that the battery wasn't working. So today I was in Philly and went to ITS again where they discovered that the shell was not charging the battery. They had to swap my hard drive to yet another shell and it started working again.

I had a few more small hiccups with the new shell. My computer thought it was 1980 and for some reason it couldn't connect to any wireless networks (maybe b/c wireless wasn't around in 1980?). But I finally got it working so my laptop is back to normal. And I'm back in Hartford again.
Posted 02/11/2008 10:56 PM in Geek Stuff, Ramblings, Work | Total Comments: (0)
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