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Website Tweaks
I've made several tweaks to my website but they're pretty minor. A couple you may notice: I finally added titles to my blarghs and I fixed the warning that was being displayed when you submit comments.

The other tweaks you probably won't notice. I wrote a new date format function with more options to fix several formatting issues caused by hasty coding (if you see the word DEPRECATED anywhere, please let me know). All of these changes also allowed me to clean up and improve my RSS feed.

I also made several changes to administrative functions that you won't see but will make things easier for me. I put in a better way to manage spam comments and the ability to write draft blarghs on my site instead of keeping them in a text document on my computer. It feels good to fix some long needed issues, even though most people won't notice them.
Posted 06/25/2008 10:32 PM in Geek Stuff | Total Comments: (1)
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Nice changes
The added times and dates in the RSS feed as well as the new blargh-post titles were the first things I noticed, but getting rid of the comment-submission warnings will probably ease my mind more. Nice work.
Submitted by Dan on 06/25/2008 11:50 PM

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