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XBox vs PS3
As I watched Microsoft's press conference at E3 on Monday my resolve to get a PlayStation 3 began to waver. Announcements of a price drop for the 20GB XBox 360 and accompanying promotions such as the $25 gift card from Target, were the first straws. The announcement of NBC and Universal partnerships followed by a surprise partnership with Netflix further sweetened the deal. But the final announcement, tacked on the very end of the press conference, was that Final Fantasy XIII would be released on the 360 at the same time as the PS3. That has pushed me to finally consider switching to the Microsoft route.

Blu-Ray won't be sufficient reason to justify a PS3, especially since Sony officially stated they won't be cutting their prices anytime this year. The few exclusive games that Sony has aren't enough to sway me considering the huge number of great games on XBox. Sony will need to have some pretty awesome news today if they want to earn my loyalty...
Posted 07/15/2008 12:28 PM in Games, Geek Stuff | Total Comments: (6)
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Sony time
Nintendo's press events have been fairly philosophical as of late, and this morning's was no different. Wii Music and Wii Sports Resort (w/better 1:1 motion control) were interesting, but not game-changing. As for Microsoft, the FFXIII news was huge, though the unmentioned playing of disc-based games off the hard drive was equally welcome. The price drop's essentially a temporary one -- like the PS3 drop of last year -- to clear out 20GB stock to make way for the 60GB model coming in August. You might want to wait for that one, despite the higher price, due to the further revised (and presumably more reliable) hardware. Oh, and I just got Rock Band for the 360. As an avowed PlayStation fan of old myself, I say, "Feel free to jump in when you feel the time's right." We'll see if Sony can pull out the big guns today (at around 1:30 Central Time).
Submitted by Dan on 07/15/2008 12:50 PM

Yeah, I'm planning to watch it streaming but if that doesn't work then I have it set to record on my DVR. Definitely the 60GB XBox would be tempting and it will still be cheaper than the PS3.
Submitted by filbert on 07/15/2008 01:21 PM

Streaming Sony
Using IGN's somewhat stuttering feed now... should be fun.
Submitted by Dan on 07/15/2008 01:32 PM

I was on G4, but that looked horrible, I didn't want to download the IGN player so I went to Gamestop, but I lost my connection and it wouldn't let me in so I ended up back at G4 again which started working.
Submitted by filbert on 07/15/2008 03:07 PM

Terrible streaming
I tried to watch the Microsoft press event with G4's web site at first, but it stuttered way too much for my own good. Directed to IGN by a random forum post, I found that a significant improvement, but it cut out on me at the very end of the event -- right before the FFXIII bombshell. Nintendo streamed their own event with Real Player, which I reinstalled to my computer for quite a nice live feed. IGN seemed even better than Monday for the start of Sony's show, but I couldn't stay to watch past the Gran Turismo segment. Guess I'll catch up on what transpired soon enough....
Submitted by Dan on 07/16/2008 00:28 AM

Whoa, tinhgs just got a whole lot easier.
Submitted by tLkTKsDjBKRohJuvDLT on 08/27/2011 03:45 AM

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