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PSP is the answer
There weren't any big bombs at the surprisingly long Sony E3 Press conference but there are a couple things that are keeping me interested.

First, the new downloadable TV and movie content that will be available on the PlayStation Network tonight. While it's not a Netflix partnership, I like the fact that videos can be downloaded to the PSP thanks to new single sign-on support for PSN. Supposedly you don't need a PS3 to do this either. I'll find out tonight when the new PSN launches.

Second was additional details on Gran Turismo TV, which will go live in August. GT TV will include content from Top Gear, Best MOTORing and other Japanese programs (thankfully no mention of NASCAR). I hope that some WRC content gets added in as well. I do wonder how much the mentioned fees will be though.

Another item that they briefly mentioned was their partnership with Google, something that MS probably won't have much of. Hopefully this will result in more exclusive functionality in the future. Speaking of exclusives, I'm pleased to hear that Resistance: Retribution will be released on PSP.

But for now, perhaps the best course of action is to stick with the PSP and watch the console wars continue to unfold (and wait for more PS3 games to become Greatest Hits).

Also, the Nintendo press conference was a little boring. The Wii Music didn't seem that great, I'm just not impressed.
Posted 07/15/2008 05:07 PM in Geek Stuff, Greece | Total Comments: (2)
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Sony commentary
I read a headline about some new movie and TV support for the PSP, so I suppose single-sign-in support is worth something. As soon as I saw the clips of GT TV (which is the last part of the show I saw online), I figured you might be interested in some of the racing. Traditionally, Sony's press conferences were just full of numbers and rather boring, so I'm glad they made things a bit more fun this time around. As for Nintendo's event, there simply wasn't much to hold my interest for very long. Now if they get that more precise motion control to control pitch, vibrato, and all that jazz in Wii Music, there might be something there. A new Mario Tennis for the Wii might be nice, too.
Submitted by Dan on 07/16/2008 00:55 AM

Alas, I'm having the same content downloading issues that I had before... demos and videos won't complete download and installation. Maybe it's my internet connection or maybe it's my USB cable or maybe it's my Japanese model...
Submitted by filbert on 07/16/2008 01:56 AM

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