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I've decided to try out Twitter, a site that allows you to easily post your current status on-line.

You've probably seen these status messages under someone's profile or in a chat window. They usually say things like "Filbertman is washing his car." Twitter calls these status updates Tweets but it is not a new concept. Google Talk/GChat, AIM, FaceBook and several other applications allow you to publish status information whenever using their applications. But even before that, IRC has had a similar feature for nearly 20 years (e.g. "/me slaps [user] around a bit with a large trout" which comes from a Monty Python gag).

The main problem with posting these status updates is that real life usually occurs when you are actually out doing things and not when you are sitting in front of your computer blogging. That's where Twitter comes into play. Twitter accepts updates not only through the internet but also via IM and SMS, both of which are easily accessible on your phone, 3G or not. My account is set up so I can update it via Google, FaceBook or via WAP or SMS from my crappy phone. Twitter supports automatic FaceBook updates, RSS feeds and your activities can also be published on virtually any website.

One other thing that Twitter does is automatically track and alert you of your friends' activities. It sounds like stalking, but is it still stalking if you are openly publishing your activities 24/7 on-line?

I'm guessing the novelty will wear off in a couple days b/c I don't think anyone really cares what I'm doing 24 hours a day but we'll see.
Posted 07/16/2008 05:10 PM in Geek Stuff | Total Comments: (1)
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Finding the balance between too many and too few updates will be key (especially if your subscribers aren't expecting so many tweets), but digesting that you went to Potbelly and played some LEGO Star Wars (well, a few hours apart) in smaller bloggy bits holds quite an appeal for the reader -- and can be a lot easier for the writer to jot down and submit (freeing one from having to post much longer blog entries). I might even subscribe if you post at least every few days.
Submitted by Dan on 07/16/2008 07:57 PM

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