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Mitsuwa Summer Festival
For dinner, I decided to drop by Mitsuwa to pick up some sushi. I was surprised to find a small stage set up in the middle of the parking lot where they were showing traditional Japanese music and dancing. They had Japanese food vendors set up on the side walk and had special exhibits inside as well.

For drinks, they had a stand with popular Japanese drinks including Ramune, Calpico and green tea. For food they had yaki soba (stir fried noodles), tako yaki (octopus dumplings), yaki tori (chicken skewers), shrimp curry and shoyu (soy) ramen. For dessert they had shaved ice and cotton candy. Though it wasn't the most authentic Japanese (some of it was a little Americanized), I was glad to have stumbled upon a a nice little festival.
Posted 08/03/2008 01:22 AM in Food, Japan | Total Comments: (2)
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what does 'yaki' mean?
Submitted by caroline on 08/03/2008 09:49 AM

Good observation. Yaki loosely means to grill. It's the same yaki that is in terriyaki or teppan-yaki (hibachi, "Japanese steak house") or yaki-nigiri (grilled rice ball). Fairly straight forward. Soba = buckwheat noodles. Tako = octopus. Tori = bird. Nigiri = rice ball. The one different one is teppan, which is the flat griddle that they cook on.
Submitted by filbert on 08/03/2008 06:08 PM

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