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I'm such a geek/nerd...
I haven't done any real coding in 2.5 years. I mean, I've done minor PHP stuff on my website, but I don't consider that coding, it's more like scripting and can be done using telnet or Notepad. I'm talking about programming an application, in my case, using Java.

My plan is to start coding Google Android applications, starting with a simple application that contacts the Bible Gateway Web Service to read and display their daily Bible verse. Depending how that goes, we'll see if I can think of something else to code after that.

Since I've gotten a new computer and lots of things have changed since I last coded, I have to go through a fairly extensive setup process:
  1. Removed an old Java Runtime Environment (JRE) that was on my computer from standard web browsing. Also, I cleaned up some old programs and defragged my hard drive.
  2. Downloaded and installed the latest Java Development Kit (JDK) which includes the latest JRE and weighs a hefty 176MB.
  3. Downloaded and installed Eclipse, the most popular open source Integrated Development Environment (IDE) which provides a robust environment to program in (the complete opposite end of the spectrum from the remedial Notepad). This was a slightly smaller 167MB.
  4. Downloaded and installed the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) which comes with an Android phone emulator and foundational components. That comes in at a slightly momma bear-ish 91MB.
  5. Downloaded and installed the Android Development Tools (ADT) plug-in for Eclipse, which allows easy Android application configurations with a mere 2MB download.
The total download for all these components was 428MB and total installation time (including troubleshooting) took about 2 hours. Sounds awfully nerdy and geeky, but I have to admit that when I finally decided to do this last night, I couldn't sleep b/c my mind was busy getting geared up to code again. Hence the title of this entry...
Posted 12/05/2008 10:48 PM in Christianity, Geek Stuff, Work | Total Comments: (7)
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