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Android Progress
Getting into Android has been a little tougher than I thought. Part of it is having to learn a new framework on my own without having anyone around to help me out or bounce ideas against, but part of it is the outdated documentation from Google. I guess they've really left it as an open source project relying on the community to build tutorials and documentation that are more thorough than what they've provided.

The good news is that using my free time I've managed to get my application into pretty good working condition. I've handled errors appropriately and have gotten it working pretty consistently. I've even gotten a few bells and whistles added into it.

At this point I could publish it for the world to use, but I'm planning to add one more feature that for reason I just can't get to work. After that I just need to pretty it up so it's not so bland. Of course with vacation coming up, I might end up being too lazy to make any progress on it until the new year...
Posted 12/19/2008 06:13 PM in Geek Stuff | Total Comments: (0)
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