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Americana Not-So-Express
I've complained a bit about my car service before, specifically about some poor drivers and making me wait a lot. They were better after I complained about it, but recently they've been making me wait again and all my co-workers seem to get picked up before I do. Unfortunately, this last month has gotten even worse.

In February, I requested a car for 6:00am and waited in my garage on a freezing February morning for 20 minutes. I called them and they said they wouldn't arrive until 6:45 which would cause me to miss my flight. I had to book a new flight for later that night and not being in person at the client site was not only inconvenient but a little embarrassing when the client asked my manager where I was.

Last week it happened again. They stood me up, but this time I set a 15 minute waiting limit. At 6:15 I called them and they didn't answer so I jumped in the car and drove myself to the airport. I ended up paying $120 for parking since I didn't have time to park in the farther long term lot.

They didn't even call me back until 6:45 which is simply unacceptable in my book. I didn't answer since I was boarding the plane but they apologized to my v-mail. I know that car services are suffering a little in this economy, but I can't support a business that is unable to to successfully execute on its only service. Looks like I'll be on the search for another company.
Posted 03/15/2009 10:54 PM in Ramblings, Travel | Total Comments: (0)
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