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G1 Power User Group Journal Entry 4
  • Android 1.5 Cupcake Update | Installed OTA
    • After installation, home screen was blank and SIM card did not work. Had to re-start the phone again before it behaved normally.
    • Phone now multi-tasks when on a call. Before, you couldn't access your contacts or apps while on a call, but now you can.
    • New auto-rotate and UI improvements such as transitions are nice, but you have to activate some of them and some apps and functions don't support it yet
    • "My Downloads" in Market doesn't register some apps correctly so apps that I already have are shown as "Free" instead of "Installed." As a result I updated several apps and I don't think they changed.
    • Camera response is faster, which makes for better pictures and video is now supported. Have not tried any of the direct upload features yet
    • Support for widgets (mini apps that run directly on your home screen) is nice but right now they are mostly all calendars and weather. Hopefully there will be more creative widgets soon once Cupcake is fully rolled out. To add a downloaded widget to your home screen, press and hold in a blank area or hit menu on the home screen and you can add
    • Voice search is nifty, you can speak into the microphone instead of typing
    • In certain apps, if trying to move through text you've typed, it accelerates the scroll ball and starts scrolling through words instead of letters when scrolling quickly.
    • Support for folders on the home screen is nice since I'm running out of space. Press and hold in a blank area or hit menu on the home screen and you can add a folder, then drag shortcuts into it.
    • I noticed that Google Talk is now separate from IM and looks a little better
    • I heard that the new Rogers (Canada) Android phone will have MS Exchange ActiveSync support, but it will not be coming to the G1, which means we would have to buy an app for it. Boo
  • QSearch | Uninstalled | Not needed with Cupcake soft keyboard
  • Toggle Settings | Uninstalled | Non-Cupcake version would crash every time I opened it
  • Toggle Settings (Cupcake) | Installed | Free | Much nicer looking version with color icons, works pretty much the same but you can now add a shortcut to the notification bar so you don't clutter your home screen. It also supports profiles like "Home" or "Work.". Individual profiles are not customizable yet but you can set rules that say "If battery is less than 30%, use 'Low Battery' profile"
  • Nesoid Lite (NES Emulator) | Installed & Uninstalled | Free | Demo version only comes with a Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers ROM to showcase how well the emulator performs. This was enough to convince me to buy the full version.
  • Nesoid (NES Emulator) | Installed | $1.99 | Allows you to download and use any NES ROM from the SD card. Has ZIP support so you can directly use zipped ROMs without having to unzip them. Found Super Mario Bros, Contra and Ninja Gaiden ROMs on-line and they work pretty well with some occassional degradation or lag in sound. Overall pretty impressive although using the keyboard to control isn't as nice as a dedicated game controller.
  • Bio Lines | Installed and uninstalled | A puzzle game that requires you to connect 5 in a row to clear the board, but there are always more coming. It's kind of slow and can get boring so I got rid of it.
  • Twidget | Installed and Uninstalled | Widget to display the latest tweet from your feed on your home screen and quickly send tweets. This widget seemed to freeze a lot since I was in a bad reception area and travelling alot. The refresh's didn't seem to time out so it would say "Loading" all the time. It eventually crashed and affect the Android system as well. Even after I removed the widget from my home screen, I would get errors so I had to uninstall it.
  • Binary Clock | Installed and uninstalled | Simple clock displayed in binary, except that it displays each digit separately, (e.g. 15 is displayed as 1 and 5, each in binary, instead of 15 in binary). Uninstalled due to this.
  • Binary Clock Widget | Installed | Widget that replaces the standard home clock with a binary clock, good for confusing people (there are only 10 types of people after all, those who understand binary and those who don't). Unlike the Binary Clock App this one can display binary for each digit or for the whole number. It does seem to slow the phone a little bit though.

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