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G1 Power User Group Journal Entry 5
App Updates:
  • Touchdown | Uninstalled | Free Trial expired and I can't justify spending the money for Exchange connectivity.
  • Toggle Settings (Cupcake) | Updated | I discovered that the new version can put a shortcut into the status bar which means that changing settings can be accessed anytime you can see the status bar instead of having to go to your home screen.

Social Apps
  • Droid Twitter | Installed and Uninstalled | This is a bare bones TWitter client that just provides a tweet form and your lastest post. When entering tweets, it doesn't count your characters and the last tweet display only shows about 50 characters. The app is described as being focused on quickly submitting tweets however it fails because the app does not automatically log you in so you have to hit login every time you start the app (though it does remember you login info). It is also ad based so at the bottom of the screen there are always ads. Lastly, the splash screen is always showing up when you do things which is annoying. I think that an app can be speed oriented but still follow good usability concepts and I think this app fails at it's own purpose.
  • Twitta | Installed and uninstalled | A simple, pleasant looking app for reading your latest tweets and submitting a new tweet, all conveniently located on a single screen. Once you log in, it saves your information and brings you to your main page. From there You can reply, direct message or visit someone's Twitter page as well as open in-line links in a browser and quickly link to in-line @ replies. My complaints are that the tweet form is very small making it difficult to see everything you've typed and the button is tiny making it hard to submit. The display screen is attractive but apparently downloads a ton of historical tweets and doesn't provide a scroll bar to quickly navigate or tell you where in the list you are. In settings you can customize the polling interval and notifications of new tweets. The one downfall of this is that it notifies you when YOU have submitted a new tweet as well which is a bit silly.
  • Twit2go | Installed | Another pleasant looking app for Twitter. Once you log in, it saves your information and brings you to your main page. From there you can reply, direct message or visit someone's Twitter page. It does not support direct browser links nor does it automatically link @ replies. In settings you can change font size and set up notifications for any replies or direct messages, but it does not notify you of regular tweets. The strength of this app is the tweet form which shows your whole message and character count, but also supports URL shortening and picture tweets. These features alone may make it worth keeping, they just need to add in-line support of @ replies and browser links.
  • Twidgit | Updated | I got this new version and it seems to be much better than the old widget which was unstable. Now, if you attempt to launch it, it tells you how to add it as a widget instead of showing an error. It now shows your last 10 tweets, instead of just the last one and handles connectivity issues much better. The tweet form is simple but done right; it's attractive, shows your entire message, counts your characters and has nice big cancel and submit buttons. I think this app will be the one I keep b/c it's handy having a widget on the home screen instead of having to launch a new app.
  • Pintail | Installed | This is a nice locator app that will allow you to track where you phone is if you lose it. You choose a PIN and if you text the PIN to your phone, the phone will respond with the location determined by Google Maps. Alternately, you can give your friends the PIN and they can text you to find out where you are. The main problem with this is that if GPS is not activated, then it can only give you cell tower accuracy, so when I tested this, "1,956m from Windsor Locks" isn't that helpful if you're trying to locate a lost phone.
  • Google Latitude | Installed | This is not an Android app per se, but Google Maps on Android supports Google Latitude which is a locating application you can sign up for from Google Labs (or on your iGoogle page). When combined with an Android phone, it allows your friends to see where you are on Google Maps based on your phone's GPS or cell tower location. Google Latitude allows you to control who sees this information so random people can't use it, only you friends that you've given permission to.
  • FaceBook Lite | Installed | A simplified version of the FaceBook page with fewer options and javascript based functionality.
  • FaceBook Sync | Installed | This app logs into your FaceBook account, compares your friend list to your phone's contacts and for any matching names, it downloads their FB profile picture and saves it as the contact picture on the phone. Allows you to conduct an optimistic search so matches dont' have to be exact. Optimistic search can results in many false positives and you don't have the option of reviewing/approving the matches. Decent app, but you only need to run it once, then you can uninstall it, not a very good model for customer retention.

Travel Apps:
  • Where | Installed | I decided to try this app after reading good feedback from other power users. I like this application alot as it gives you quick access to things that are available near you, whether it be Starbucks or ZipCar or Yelp restaurants or just your local Yellow page listings. I like that it gives you weather as well.
  • Places Directory | Installed | This is Google's answer to Where. It's a little similar and not sponsored by specific vendors, it just gives you straight local listings from Google based on your location. Not as slick as Where, but the results should be a little less biased.

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