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Japan 2007
10/30 Shinjuku and Toyota Amlux
in Sunshine City, Ikebukuro

10/31 A Central Wholesale Market
in Tsukiji
10/31 B Sushi in Tsukiji
10/31 C Sweets Forest in Jiyugaoka

11/01 A Namjatown, Sunshine City
in Ikebukuro
11/01 B Gyoza Stadium, Namjatown
11/01 C Ice Cream City, Namjatown
11/01 D Dessert Forest, Namjatown

11/02 Shin-Yokohama Ramuen

11/03 Misc from Narita Airport
and Chiba

11/04 Misc from Chiba

11/05 Misc from the first day of
the conference in Hakone

11/06 Tatami room in Hakone

11/07 Random bean cake and
Japanese Taro

11/08 More random snacks

11/09 Pics from free time in
Hakone Village

11/10 Pics from free time in Tokyo

11/11 Pics from church and the
trip home
Japan 10/30/2007 - Shinjuku, Amlux, Sunshine City, Ikebukuro

Katsu Don at a restaurant by the Higashi Kurume Seibu Train Station. Tonkatsu (Fried Pork Cutlet) with egg and onions over Donburri (Rice Bowl). ¥490   Yaku Niku Don (Grilled Beef Rice Bowl) at Yoshinoya, a low priced chain that specializes in Gyu Don (Terriyaki Beef Rice Bowl). ¥460   Boss Cafe au Lait ¥160

A Japanese Pumpkin bun at a bakery in the Seibu Ikebukuro train station. It was extremely tasty and I had to go back to buy another. ¥230   Ocha (Green Tea) ¥160

Gourmet Mochi! Similar to Mochi Ice Cream, but instead of ice cream, these are filled with flavored beans and a creamy center. These come in many, many awesome flavors and are just plain great. Prices vary from ¥160-190 based on flavor and location. They cost more in Tokyo (Shinjuku) than in Chiba.

I got 16 of these MochiCreams, but I ate most of them before remembering to take a picture.   This Krispy Kreme in Shinjuku is the first one in Japan. You can't see it, but the line extends across the neighboring bridge.

The Bloomsbury version of Harry Potter which is in British English. The Scholastic version is in American English. Many people prefer the British version b/c it is what J.K. Rowling originally wrote, but most Americans don't even know there's a difference.   Toyota Amlux Auto Salon is a mini Toyota Convention Hall that showcases several of their cars and technologies. It is located in the Sunshine City complex in Shinjuku.   Nowadays, you don't need to put your key in the ignition to start your car, just in your pocket. So why not put the transponder in your watch?

A Gran Turismo 4 simulator with really nice Logitech force feedback steering wheels (much nicer than the ones they sell in the US).   A bB, known in America as a Scion xB.   A Corolla Rumion, which looks morel ike a Scion than a Corolla. I assume they're all on the same platform anyway...

Toyota's F1 Race Car

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