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Japan 2007
10/30 Shinjuku and Toyota Amlux
in Sunshine City, Ikebukuro

10/31 A Central Wholesale Market
in Tsukiji
10/31 B Sushi in Tsukiji
10/31 C Sweets Forest in Jiyugaoka

11/01 A Namjatown, Sunshine City
in Ikebukuro
11/01 B Gyoza Stadium, Namjatown
11/01 C Ice Cream City, Namjatown
11/01 D Dessert Forest, Namjatown

11/02 Shin-Yokohama Ramuen

11/03 Misc from Narita Airport
and Chiba

11/04 Misc from Chiba

11/05 Misc from the first day of
the conference in Hakone

11/06 Tatami room in Hakone

11/07 Random bean cake and
Japanese Taro

11/08 More random snacks

11/09 Pics from free time in
Hakone Village

11/10 Pics from free time in Tokyo

11/11 Pics from church and the
trip home
Japan 11/01/2007 - Dessert Forest in Namjatown

Also on the second floor of Namjatown was the Desserts Forest, a large section with several different shops.   The largest shop was dedicated to this limited time Mont Blanc Dessert Exposition.   Here was a nice little edible scene.

Some of the many delicious looking shops.

More delicious dessert shops. I really wanted to try one of these custard pots but I was way too full from all the gyoza.

These two cases were the central focus of the Mont Blanc Exhibit. You could try any of these items, but there were a limited number so they would run out through the course of the day.   I liked this dessert b/c it is made to look like Zaru-Soba, which is cold buckwheat noodles that have been drained on a bamboo rack.

This was the open self-serve Mont Blanc refrigerator where you could pick whatever miscellaneous desserts you wanted.

I chose this marron (chestnut) sponge roll for ¥420. It was ok, but didn't have that much flavor so I wasn't impressed.   I have no idea what this was and couldn't tell from it's flavor, which was almost non-existant. This one was definitely not worth ¥520.    

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