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Japan 2007
10/30 Shinjuku and Toyota Amlux
in Sunshine City, Ikebukuro

10/31 A Central Wholesale Market
in Tsukiji
10/31 B Sushi in Tsukiji
10/31 C Sweets Forest in Jiyugaoka

11/01 A Namjatown, Sunshine City
in Ikebukuro
11/01 B Gyoza Stadium, Namjatown
11/01 C Ice Cream City, Namjatown
11/01 D Dessert Forest, Namjatown

11/02 Shin-Yokohama Ramuen

11/03 Misc from Narita Airport
and Chiba

11/04 Misc from Chiba

11/05 Misc from the first day of
the conference in Hakone

11/06 Tatami room in Hakone

11/07 Random bean cake and
Japanese Taro

11/08 More random snacks

11/09 Pics from free time in
Hakone Village

11/10 Pics from free time in Tokyo

11/11 Pics from church and the
trip home
Japan 11/09/2007 - Hakone Village

Sharp! I'm not sure I want to put anything sharp in my mouth...   Dango is grilled, terriyaki rice dough balls (kind of like mochi). Unfortunately, I didn't particularly like the sauce.   Fuji Cookies - a very tasty shortbread cookie shaped like Mount Fuji

Kimu-tama. Kimu = Kim Chi, Tama = Tamago (Egg). Basically a kim chi pickled egg, but it wasn't that pickled and it wasn't that spicy, it basically tasted like a pretty standard soy egg to me, perhaps with a little (but not enough) kick.

Here is some fresh steamed manju. The sign reads fukashi tate manjyu, but I only know what manju is. Under that it reads tsubu-an and koshi-an, which means chunky beans and smooth beans (azuki red beans that is) and the last word is dore-demo but I don't know what that means either. The price is ¥70 each or ¥200 for three. These were awsome hot and put the packaged ones from yesterday to shame. The two types were distinguishable by the logo on top.   Another latte drink.

Wasabi ice cream. It's cold and sweet so it tastes pretty good, but if you eat it too quickly, the spiciness from the horseradish catches up and overwhelms you.   An example of the fine wood work mosaic that Hakone is known for.

A Subaru Forester STi. Wish I could get a STi version in America but oh well.

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