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 Misc Pictures 2008

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Picture of Morton Salt facilities from Google Maps   I cut my nail when I was chopping some BBQ brisket   Random turtle I found next to my garage. It was a good foot long.   New strange flavors of Ramune Japanese Soda: Curry, Green Tea, Wasabi and Annin (Almond Jelly)

Natatia pours wine for dinner.   Natatia and Marian.   The girls at dinner.   The guys at dinner.

The appetizer I invented: French Onion Cups. Inspired by French Onion Soup, this appetizer is a Parmagiano Cup with a crouton topped with caramelized onions.   Rack of lamb with rosemary over crimini mushroom risotto.

Roasted vegetable and brussels sprouts on the side.   Poyao and I plate up dessert: Ginger Peach Mango Pie with peach ice cream.

Example table at the American Cheese Society sale.   Our pickings: 45 pounds of cheese for $65.

BMW Alpina B7 at the 2008 Ultimate Drive to support the Susan G. Komen Foundation

X6 with signatures of donors and volunteers

Pictures from Cliff and Britney's Wedding

My first macro shot attempt with my new camera: a tiny spider.   A quick modification to the bag to make it safer: I moved the cross-chest strap and turned it into a strap to protect the front of the bag so it can't fall open.

Red Light Violation Video   Before Picture   After Picture

Dragonfruit Ice Breakers, a tasty but hard to find gum.   My office, 111 S Wacker, on the right    

Outer box for the G1   Initial launch of Android   The Android keypad

Accessories   Panoramic of the 3 main sides of the inner box


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