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 STi Replica Aluminum Strut Bars

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To install the rear strut bar, you must remove the back seat so you can access the strut tops.

First, remove the two bolts holding down the rear seat cushion. One on each side in front, just below the cushion.

You should be able to lift up the ends of the cushion. The center is attached via a hook underneath, so you will want to push down near the back center of the cushion and then pull out and the whole thing should come out.

Next you need to remove the back cushion. There are three bolts holding this one down. One is on the far passenger side.

In the picture you can also see a carribeaner I attached to the LATCH child restraint anchor for my tripod harness, and the signal cables for my stereo system.

On the driver side are two more bolts. One on the end, one near the center. Remove these as well.

Here you can also see another carribeaner and the power cable for my amp.


To remove the back cushion, slide it up. There are three hooks holding it on, but the one in the center is the hard one since it has a little lip on it. You will also need to move the seat belts out of the way.   

Now you can see the strut tops and you will see that the seat belt tensioners are in the way. This picture is of the passenger side.   

The tensioners must be removed. They are held on by a large bolt and a peg (see a couple pics below). Remove the large bolt and while you can't see the peg, you can feel it. You'll have to figure out how to get the tensioner to come off completely, but it will. This picture is of the driver side.

With the tensioner removed, you can get access to the three nuts holding the strut. Remove them.

This picture is of the passenger side again. The taped up wires are in your way a little but you can push them around to get your work done. There are no wires on the driver side.

You'll also notice a black or clear rubber hose. This is for your intercooler water. You'll notice it go through some foam on both the driver and passenger sides. ou will need to remove part of this foam to expose a hole to the trunk where the strut bar will pass.

Remove the end brackets from the rear strut bar and place them on the strut tops so that the part that connects to the strut bar passes through the hole you made in the foam. The brackets should go under the intercooler hose on both sides.

Go to the trunk and you should see the brackets poking through the hole. Attach the strut bar to the brackets, but don't tighten the bolts.   

Go back to the strut tops. Replace the nuts and tighten them down. Again, tighten to only 14.5 lb-ft or the nuts may break.

Once tight, replace the seat belt tensioner. In this picture (drivers side) you can see the bolt and the peg that attach the tensioner. Also pointed out is the hole that the peg fits into. Replace the tensioner and tighten it well.


Go back to the trunk and tighten the bolts for the strut bar. If the strut bar is secure, you're done.

Total time for the rear strut bar, 30-45 minutes.

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