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HP Sucks 2
Less than two months ago my work laptop crapped out. Well, it happened again with a similar problem: the battery would not charge. So I took it to IT services again and they gave me a new battery. That didn't help so they swapped out my shell again.

Unfortunately, that didn't solve the problem because my power adapter started behaving strangely. Sometimes you can hear power adapters buzzing from the electricity but this one would occasionally do it loudly in a pulse. It actually sounded like it was beeping and during these times, it would not supply power. So I had to go to ITS for a third time to replace that as well. So I got a new battery, a new shell and a new power adapter and it finally worked. unfortunately, my new privacy filter is missing a tab, but I guess I can live with that. HP/Compaq. Blech.
Posted 04/08/2008 08:02 PM in Geek Stuff, Ramblings, Work | Total Comments: (2)
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Laptop brands
So was your previous laptop also an HP/Compaq, a Dell, or something else? Just for future reference...
Submitted by Dan on 04/09/2008 00:43 AM

I've only replaced my shell so these four laptops have all been Compaq nc6400s in the last year. The only thing that is original is my hard drive.
Submitted by filbert on 04/09/2008 07:29 AM

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