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Welcome to my new house! Here's the front with my car parked in the driveay. The second garage in the picture is Ben's.   

Here is the sidewalk on the side of the condo leading to my front door. You can see the park and play ground in the background. You can also see the fenced off section of land. Technically it is communal property, but due to the fence, no one uses it much, so it's almost like my own yard.   

Here is the living room as you enter.   

Here you can see another view of the living room and the extra tall windows that I have.   

The living room has a fireplace.   

Here is the dining area by the kitchen   

Here you can see how the dining room is situated by the kitchen on the left.   

Laundry/utility room.   

Master Bedroom from the door.   

Master Bedroom from the bed.   

Picture of the two halves of the master closet.   

Master Bathroom jacuzzi and sink.   

Standing shower in the Master Bathroom.   

Bedroom #2. Not sure what I'm going to do with this. Maybe make it into a workout room until I get a second bed.   

Bathroom #2. All you visitors better keep it clean!   

Here's some video tours. They are in Windows Media Video 9 format. Right click to download.    Tour 1 - 3.4MB WMV
Tour 2 - 14.4MB WMV

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