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Almond Macaroons
Chewy macaroons made with Almond Paste
Apple Pie/Galette
A rustic apple pie.  
Arugula Pesto
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A tasty variation on Pesto.
Bagel Pudding
Get rid of bagels with this variation on bread pudding.
A tasty mediterranean phyllo dessert. I believe this is a turkish version.
Banana Bread
A tasty, crusty bread made with bananas and buttermilk.
Bechamel Sauce
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A milk-based white Mother sauce.
Berry Cobbler
A quick cobbler made of leftovers.  
Black Bottom Chocolate Mousse Pie
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Graham crust with a layer of ganache and chocolate mousse.  
Black Forest Cake
A decadent chocolate cake layered with cherries and butter cream then topped with whipped cream.
Black Sesame Ice Cream
Ice cream flavored with Black Sesame Powder  
Blue Cheese Stuffed Tenderloin
A tenderloin roast, butterflied and stuffed with blue cheese.
Blueberry Coffee Cake
Coffee Cake with Blueberries  
Recipe to calculate Boba  
Bubble Tea
Simple home made burgers  
Butter Cream Frosting
A simple frosting.
Butterscotch Steel Cut Oatmeal
Some variations to steel cut oatmeal  
Caramel Sauce
Simple Caramel recipe
Cardamom Steak
Simple Steak with a terriyaki marinade and a touch of cardamom  
Carrot Cake
A dense, moist and slightly healthier version of Carrot Cake.
Carrot Pecan Bread
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A dense and tasty sweet bread.  
Cheese & Berry Pastry
Pastries with a cream cheese and berry center.
Cheese and Crackers
To add up cheese platters  
Cheese Grits
Spice up your grits with a little cheese!
Cheese Plate
A sample cheese platter  
Cheesteak made with tenderloin scraps
Cheesy Corn Bread
Corn Bread with Cheese... how could it not be good?
Cheesy Eggs Benedict
A simple eggs benedict  
Cherry Compote
A deep flavored cherry and red wine sauce
Chicken Noodle Soup
Lots of veggies and real chicken stock make a tasty soup.  
Chocolate Cake
A very nice chocolate cake. Makes 3 9-inch cakes
Chocolate Mousse
A simple chocolate mousse.
Chocolate Souffle
A decadent chocolate souffle.
Cinnamon Rolls
Yeast risen cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting  
To add up coffee nutrition  
Corn Bread
A simple corn bread.  
Corned Beef
Mmmm, Corned Beef! Simple and tasty, without all those store bought preservatives.
Cream of Broccoli Soup
Creamy milk based soup with Broccoli and other veggies
Cream of Mushroom
Homemade Cream of Mushroom. Warm, smooth, creamy and delicious!  
Cream of Mushroom and Corn Soup
Quick healthy soup.  
Cream of Spinach
Sauteed spinach, onions and garlic in a chicken and milk broth  
Creme Anglaise
A simple rich vanilla sauce  
A basic crepe recipe.
Curry w/ Sweet Potatoes
A healthier and tastier variation of instant curry.
Dan Ta (Chinese Egg Tarts)
Asian style individual egg custard tarts  
Devilled Eggs
I liked this weird version of eggs since I was a kid.  
Earl Grey Pound Cake
A moist and tasty pound cake with the subtle flavors of Earl Grey.
Mini Recipe so I can remember this...  
Fish and Peppers Papillote
Simple, easy and healthy way to make fish, with easy clean up too!
Flaky Pie Crust
A tasty, flaky pie crust  
Four Cheese Macaroni
Macaroni and Four Cheeses!  
French Onion Cups
French Onion Soup, without the soup!
French Toast
Simple French Toast Recipe.  
A basic recipe for super smooth and versatile chocolate ganache.
Ginger Mango Pork
A tasty version of a pork chop
Ginger Peach Rhubarb Pie
Fresh peaches and rhubarb with a hint of ginger.  
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Tasty little cheesy bread puffs.
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This is a Swedish salted/cured salmon using salt, sugar, dill and other herbs and spices.  
Hollandaise Sauce
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A classic hollandaise sauce, made with a touch of spice.  
Homemade Marshmallows
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Homemade marshmallows  
Hot Pot
How to Make a Graham or Cookie Crust
Basic techniques for making a graham or cookie crust.
How to Make a Roux
A basic roux.
How to Make Caramel
Basic techniques for making caramel.
How to Melt and Temper Chocolate
Basic techniques for melting chocolate
How to Whip Eggs or Cream
Basic techniques for whipping eggs or cream
Jicama Mango Walnut Salad
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A bright exotic salad with the special crisp of Jicama  
Johnny Cakes
Corn meal based pancakes.  
Tonkatsu (Breaded Pork Cutlet) Donburri (Rice Bowl)  
Kraft Macaroni and Cheese
To add up mac and cheese  
Lite Lasagna
A lite but tasty version of lasagna  
Mai Lee #63
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Crushed Rice with Combination Meat  
Mashed Sweet Potato
Sometimes you just want mashed sweet potatoes...  
Merlot Pear Crumble
Merlot Poached Pears with a Crumble Topping  
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Champagne, orange juice and fresh lemons make this a fun spring/summer drink.  
Misc Fruit Salad
Misc Nachos
nacho nutrition  
Misc Pasta
Recipe to calculate misc pasta dishes  
Misc Salad
recipe to track salads  
Misc Sandwich
To calculate random dish nutrition  
Misc Steak
Misc Sushi
to add up sushi  
Misc taco
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for tacos  
Mixed Fruit
a place to add up purchased fruit cups  
Mixed Nuts
Recipe for calculating mixed nuts  
Noodle Soup
Recipe to calculate Noodle Soups  
Nuoc Cham
This is a common Vietnamese dipping sauce that is sweet, sour and hot.  
Simple Omelette  
Orange Beef
Pan fried Beef in a sweet orange sauce  
P?te Bris
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This is a simple savory pie pastry crust.  
Parmesan Dip
Recipe to add up parmesan and olive oil from a restaurant  
A light meringue type wafer topped with sorbet, whipped cream and/or fruit  
Pi-Dan Zhou
Thousand Year Eggs, Pork and Rice Congee make up this traditional Chinese porridge.
Porcini Tartlets with Red Wine Reduction
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Phyllo shells with porcini mushrooms, drizzled with a red wine reduction.
Pumpkin Pecan Pie
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A double layer pie made of your favorite fall desserts.
Pumpkin Pie Cookies
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Pumpkin sugar cookies with a pumpkin pie center.
Quinoa Salad
Quinoa Salad with vinaigrette and veggies  
Raspberry Cream
Simple creamy dessert  
Red Bean Tapioca Soup
Asian Adzuki red beans and mini tapioca make a traditional Chinese dessert soup  
What better way to use homemade corned beef and sauerkraut?
Rigatoni T
Rigatoni with a creamy mushroom and caramelized onion marsala sauce
Rum Cake
Dried Fruit and Rum make this a tasty cake.  
Recipe for calculating sandwich nutrition  
Fermented cabbage, what could be bettter?
Sausage Spaghetti Sauce
A basic spaghetti sauce made with Turkey Sausage  
Sawmill Gravy
Classic sausage gravy.
Six Vegetable Couscous Tagine
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Couscous with diced vegetables  
Southern Biscuits
Tasty Buttermilk Biscuits
Soy Protein Bars
Make your own protein bars that are as good as the store bought ones but tastier and cheaper!
Soy Protein Smoothie
A fruit smoothie with a protein powder bonus.  
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A traditional Greek phyllo pastry filled with spinach and feta.
Spiced Whipped Butter
Whip some flavor into your butter!  
Spicy Tropical Gazpacho
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A fruity version of this cold soup.  
Steak Au Poivre
Cracked Pepper encrusted Steak with a Flambe'd Cognac Cream Sauce
Stir Fried Bok Choy
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Baby Bok Choy stir-fried in a hot wok with a touch of mirin and sesame seed oil.  
Stir Fried Vegetables
recipe to track vegetable nutrition  
Strawberries and Cream
To calculate strawberry nutrition  
Strawberries and Ricotta
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Strawberries, wine and ricotta make this an excellent filling.  
Strawberry Coconut Tiramisu
Strawberries and Coconut in Tiramisu? Why not?
Stuffed Mushrooms
Tasty cheese stuffed mushrooms with a little kick.  
Stuffed Shells
Pasta Shells with Italian Sausage and Ricotta are simple and fun.  
Sundried Tomato Chicken Farfalle
Sundried Tomatoes, Basil and a light cream sauce make a tasty pasta.  
Swiss Chard and Sausage Pollenta Cakes
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These make a great base for whatever toppings you want.  
Tarte Tatin
A simple french fruit tart
Terriyaki Chicken
Marinated and Baked, easier and healthier than fried  
A slightly lighter version of Tiramisu. Still quite wonderful!
Tofu Shishkabobs
Kabobs are a simple and healthy dish.  
Tomato Basil Bisque
Tomatoes, Basil and Cream make a simple but tasty bisque.
Trimming a Tenderloin
Cut your own tenderloins into Filet Mignon, Carpaccio and more!
Turtle Cheesecake
Cheesecake with a chocolate cookie crust, pecans, chocolate chips and caramel
Chocolate Covered Caramel and Pecan Chews
Vegan Brownies
Yes, Vegan brownies!  
Vietnamese Summer Rolls
Fresh Summer Rolls are light and refreshing and pretty healthy too!
White Chocolate Cappuccino Brownies
Delicious chewey brownies made with white chocolate and coffee.
White Chocolate Fruit Napoleans
These tasty napoleans are made with puff pastry, bavarian cream and white chocolate mousse
White Lasagna
A lasagna made with Bechamel sauce, italian sausage and roasted peppers.
Zucchini, Mushroom and Olive Strata
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Strata means layered. Using bread instead of pasta, this tasty dish is like a Mediterranean lasagna.

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