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Trick or Treating Illegal?
At Northwestern, I was once told that Evanston had banned trick-or-treating due to safety reasons. So all these years since 1999, I've thought T-O-T was illegal in Evanston. It turns out that T-O-T is perfectly legal and the reason that many NU students think otherwise is mostly unknown. Perhaps it was a way to rile up students against Evanston, which seems to have a history of being not so Northwestern-friendly?

Also check out these unofficial T-O-T rules

In my search to find last minute pumpkins to decorate my porch I quickly looked at Target. Pie Pumpkins, which are about 8" in diameter cost $3.99. A 10" jack-o-lantern pumpkin cost $7.99. That just didn't seem right.

I debated going to Goebbert's farm, but thought they might not be the cheapest since that's where lots of people go, so I decided to try Caputo's, my de facto produce purveyor.

Turns out I made the right decision because all pumpkins, which varied in size from 10" to 16" were a mere $0.99 each. Startled by the price, I bought four. Looks like I will be making a ton of pumpkin products in the next week.

The other funny thing I noticed for the holiday is that Caputo's now requires an ID to buy eggs and you must be 21. I wonder how long that rule lasts, was it for this whole week or only today?
Posted 10/31/2008 06:43 PM in News, Ramblings | Total Comments: (2)
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Egg restrictions
I totally respect Caputo's for making that decision.
Submitted by Dan on 10/31/2008 09:25 PM

Several communities suggest that restriction to their local grocery stores. Probably a good idea.
Submitted by filbert on 11/01/2008 12:14 PM

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