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G1 Power User Group Journal Entry 3
  • Moxier Mail | Uninstalled | Trial version expired. Not as nice as Exchange By Touchdown, missing simple things like the number of new e-mails received in the notifications. Otherwise, nice simple interface that is easy to use. I like how the message headers are hidden unless you open them. Unfortunately, the $24.99 sale price is simply outrageous. Since this isn't a Deloitte phone, I wouldn't pay much for corporate e-mail, maybe $10
  • CrystalFour 3D | Uninstalled | Needed the space, not that special of a game.
  • aBooks | Uninstalled | Needed the space and I'm too busy to read them anyway.
  • Chinese Recipes - 1. Soup | Installed | Simple recipe program with pictures and recipes. Pictures look nice, though the English names are in a very small, hard to read font. Recipe ingredients are listed in-line, separated with commas instead of in a list, making it a bit hard to see what you need.
  • Exchange by TouchDown | Installed | 5 Day free trial. Another Exchange client. It is nicer than Moxier with a better interface and more features although the menus are not well planned and seem overly complex with some options buried in sub-menus. $19.99 is a bit steep for an intro price and the $29.99 regular price is offensive, but I guess they are counting on business users who are more likely to pay full price on a corporate account. I found the calendar decent, though it is not easy to snooze items for a specific amount of time and if you simply close the alerts they will pop up again a minute later.
  • GPS 1 Click Directions | Installed | A basic navigation system. It's not as nice as a dedicated GPS navigation system and probably not as good as TeleNav (which is $9.99/month) but the low $2.99 price makes this app a good value. It uses Google Maps as the base and calculates directions for your destination. It allows you to save a home and work address, displays traffic and provides voice commands if you download Android TTS voice support (Free). The voice is a hard to understand and very robotic. On my drive from St. Louis to Chicago on I-55, it kept saying "continue on route 476 for X miles, then turn left onto I-55," even though I was already on I-55. However, having the directions and the ability to track your progress is good enough for me. I would like to see it provide trip statistics like current/average MPH and elapsed time in the future.

Posted 06/03/2009 05:37 PM in Geek Stuff, Reviews, Work | Total Comments: (0)
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