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My crazy travel schedule
The rest of this month is going to be a busy travel month and I'll be away from home for three weeks straight at some point, with tons of other events too. The main cause is a last minute work schedule change along with a wedding. So here is what my travel schedule will look like starting next week, which involves traveling somewhere every 2-3 days:
  • 7/20 Fly from Chicago to Hartford for work, staying at the Sheraton East Hartford
  • 7/22 Fly from Hartford to Philadelphia for work, staying at the Residence Inn in Plymouth Meeting
  • 7/24 Fly from Philadelphia to Washington DC for a layover
  • 7/24 Fly from Washington DC to arrive back in Hartford
  • 7/24 Rent a car and drive from Hartford to Manhattan, staying at the W at Union Square
  • 7/27 Drive from Manhattan back to Hartford, staying at Sheraton East Hartford
  • 7/30 Drive from Hartford to Brooklyn, staying at Hewson's
  • 7/31 Drive from Brooklyn to Jersey City, staying at the Westin Jersey City (attending a wedding and dining at Le Bernardin)
  • 8/02 Switch to W New York Tuscany to be closer to CT for the morning drive
  • 8/03 Drive from Manhattan to Hartford, staying at Sheraton East Hartford
  • 8/06 Fly from Hartford back home to Chicago
  • 8/10 Fly from Chicago back to Hartford for work (typical week)
  • 8/13 Fly from Hartford back to Chicago (typical week)
  • 8/17 Fly from Chicago back to Hartford for work (typical week)
  • 8/20 Fly from Hartford back to Chicago (typical week)
  • 8/21 Drive from Chicago to Lafayette, Indiana for the Subaru of Indiana Automotive (SIA) plant tour and test rides on the Subaru test track, staying at Courtyard Lafayette
  • 8/22 AutoX event at SIA plant, then drive back to Chicago
  • 8/24 Back to my typical travel schedule again

Posted 07/14/2009 10:37 PM in Ramblings, Travel, Work | Total Comments: (1)
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Jersey time
Gonna stay a few days in Jersey City? Too bad I'll probably be an hour away most of that time, though it should be fun to attend the same wedding again (this time on a different coast).
Submitted by Dan on 07/15/2009 00:20 AM

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