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Japan 2007
10/30 Shinjuku and Toyota Amlux
in Sunshine City, Ikebukuro

10/31 A Central Wholesale Market
in Tsukiji
10/31 B Sushi in Tsukiji
10/31 C Sweets Forest in Jiyugaoka

11/01 A Namjatown, Sunshine City
in Ikebukuro
11/01 B Gyoza Stadium, Namjatown
11/01 C Ice Cream City, Namjatown
11/01 D Dessert Forest, Namjatown

11/02 Shin-Yokohama Ramuen

11/03 Misc from Narita Airport
and Chiba

11/04 Misc from Chiba

11/05 Misc from the first day of
the conference in Hakone

11/06 Tatami room in Hakone

11/07 Random bean cake and
Japanese Taro

11/08 More random snacks

11/09 Pics from free time in
Hakone Village

11/10 Pics from free time in Tokyo

11/11 Pics from church and the
trip home
Japan 2007

In November 2007 I returned to Japan for a week in Tokyo and a week at the CPI conference again.

Last time, one of the main focuses of my trip was the cars. This time, my focus was on the food, with multiple trips to food "theme parks" which hold several competing restaurants from which you may pick your favorite items.

Note, all prices are approximate, based on my memory. One yen is approximately one cent so you could say that a 400 Yen item costs about $4.00.

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